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  • Sports


    We offer basketball facility all year round. The students are trained by expert coaches so that they can represent in both district and state level events. Sports are used as a tool to promote all- round development of children. Basketball is a part of annual sports event.


    The school has superb football coaches who train the students with fine nuances of the sport. The students are trained towards becoming successful professional footballers via regular training and strength building workshops. A platform is provided to nurture the sport at grass root level so that interested school children know their way.


    Our expert coaches provide complete training for volleyball so that you interest in the sport is given the right direction and path. Volleyball is a team sport and its inclusion in school curriculum paves way towards confidence and strength building.


    Trained experts impart world-class kho kho training to the students who demonstrate interest in the sport. Kho Kho is an ancient game which is played by a team of 12 players. This traditional Indian sport encompasses chasing and touching a player.


    A lot of children demonstrate interest in athletics. The school offers opportunity to indulge in athletics as such students are better at goal setting and leadership. From different categories of runs to high jump, low, jump, long jump opportunity is given to students for wide array of athletic activities.


    For development of stamina, vigor and focus karate training is imparted. Karate strengthens and develops each and every muscle in the body. Overall fitness is the aim of most of the parents. This is the reason karate has been made an integral part of the sports curriculum of the school.


    Yoga has become way of life as it leads to mental as well as physical development of a child. It also paves way for disease free life. Children are imparted Yoga lessons to enhance their stamina and overall fitness level of both mind and body.


    The school has kabaddi club where interested student can learn the sport. The students are divided into teams and these school teams compete against each other. Initiative is taken to promote this indigenous sport among young talent. Students are provided training to fulfill their dreams of becoming professional Kabaddi player.


    Chess improves several skills of a student such as strategic thinking, creative thinking, pattern recognition, patience, sportsmanship, calmness under stressful circumstances, problem solving, abstract reasoning, etc. Chess is an integral part of sports curriculum of school. Students are rendered training so that excel in district, state or even national level tournaments.

    Table Tennis

    The school offers specialized services to those who are interested in table tennis. Students are given opportunity to take part in different events. Table tennis is a simple sport. In school training is provided by qualified instructors who guide the students through different levels step-wise.